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December 20, 2010

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26 Responses to “Comments on Interactive Linux kernel map”

  1. Lord Loh Says:


    I really liked this and have suggested this to a lot of my friends. Is there any need to update this to the latest mainline kernel version? Has there been much change between 2.6.36 and the current 4.x ?

    Thank you.

  2. mario bugre Says:

    A idéia do site é boa mas imagem possivelmente está alterada pois a coluna “human interface” parece ser do final da imagem.
    corrijam em favor do site.

  3. Dear Constantine,
    Your new contribution is a treasure to the Students who loves to study and research about the Linux kernel.Day by Day,Linux kernel is getting so complex due to its development by the global people and a newbie cannot digest when he intended to study new linux kernel by just viewing the source code simply.

    in fact i have seen a lot of conferences and seminars in you-tube regarding Linux kernel and patch submitting taken by the experts.but truly its not helping me.

    but this one really gave me the idea of the kernel in just in a picture is worth thousand words.The map help us to know the relationship of kernel and its subsystems and the complicated codes very really inspired me.thank you so much Constantine.
    Great Work.

  4. ronys Says:

    Hi Constantine,

    Nice work! A minor suggestion:
    Your map has links to files/directories, functions and data structures. It might be nice to visually differentiate between these, e.g., normal text for files/directories, bold for functions, italic for structs, and/or different colors.



    • makelinux Says:

      Thank you, ronys.

      It is easy enough to distinguish between files and identifiers.

      I’ll think how do represent differently structs.

  5. THANKS Constantine!!!!! is a great iniciative, the page is very nice and interesting, congrats and thank you very much from Argentine 🙂

  6. I am always looking for brandnew posts in the WWW about this topic. Thanks.

  7. […] club GNU/Linux map more about Linux comments referers Linux Quick […]

  8. Josep Says:

    totally awesome

    well done 🙂

  9. Gabbar singh Says:

    Kya chutiyagiri hai yeh? Kisko chutiya bana raha hai idhar?

    Kidding dude, seems to be a good quality work…now add some glamor into it

  10. Interesting.

    Any chance we could work together to add some links to the image map?

    I’d like to (for instance) be able to click on the “memory” or “human interface” column heading, and get some definitional info about these — perhaps a DBpedia URI which.

    Click-to-more isn’t absolutely vital, if the URIs can be incorporated into the markup as RDFa or similar, as they then become better available to tools like —
    — and —

  11. hugo rifice Says:

    an excellent piece of work – thank you for this fine contribution to the OSS community

  12. makelinux Says:

    class_device is removed

  13. makelinux Says:

    Netfilter. It is in ip_local_deliver, __ip_local_out. (Just whereever you find NF_HOOK).

  14. eX Says:

    damn cool… great work, thanks

  15. psema4 Says:

    Any way to get an animated version (probably sans links) showing the creation order of the various structures in the kernel? Not being a kernel hacker, an animation showing how the it’s built up at runtime might help me grok the whole better. Thanks for the map; a great start for digging into the kernel. =)

  16. Amit Karpe Says:

    I had ask some students to same project for their 3rd Sem Project .
    Still lots of improvement can be done.

  17. zdavatz Says:

    Very nice indeed! Thank you very much! Has this kernel Map been created directly from the GIT repository? That would be sooo great!

  18. chanti Says:


    the poster gives you a lot info.But i feel, it would be better for new learners if we have a doc which teaches about inter component communication and bit explanation of each module.


  19. foo Says:

    Very nice indeed. The map UI sucks though, it insists to do zooming instead of scrolling when using scroll gestures on my MacBooks trackpad.

  20. Howdy,

    This looks interesting but I couldn’t see much. I’m using seamonkey (aka mozilla) and either it’s not rendering properly or your site has some problems… Which browser do you use for this?



  21. asdfjklm Says:

    damn cool!!

  22. makelinux Says:

    Older comments are here:

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