Comments on Linux system

February 9, 2010


8 Responses to “Comments on Linux system”

  1. srikantan Says:

    the image can be made for 64 bit 4k area and this is very much useful for desktop in learning centers,and by clicking on the text-string there it shoud go to the descriptor page in web
    it will be useful for all

    • makelinux Says:

      Thanks, John. I’ll repost feedback:

      * libstdc++ is not part of the GNU C library, it is part of gcc.
      * What do printf, echo, man, or even bash have to do with access control?
      * gdm is only in charge of managing the X11 server (i.e. starting and stopping the server and starting the X session manager), it is not a API layer between the widget library and as the picture implies.
      * GNOME collectively includes gdm and GTK+, so it seems silly to list ‘Gnome’ as a singular thing.
      * init (or systemd, not pictured) starts many if not all of the server daemons pictured, but the connection line implies that it only starts getty, (which should actually be gdm (!)), xinetd, and Network Manager (!!) but neglects MySQL, Postgres, Apache, Samba, etc.
      * The vertical stacking implies that grub acts between the hardware and kernel, but this is not the case. grub only runs briefly before the kernel is loaded and is then out of the picture completely.
      * Why is wget listed with network administration tools?
      * findutils is the name of the package, not the name of the command. This is not consistent with all the other commands which are listed by name and not package.

      netstat is also no longer maintained and replaced with ss.

      ifconfig / route are replaced by ip


  2. How about LINUX IPv6 Network map?.
    I can see only IPv4 MAP.
    Because ipv4 address block allocation is run out….

  3. Seth Chaiken Says:

    Wonderful job and project! Having already directed my
    students use the LXR for assignments, I will direct them
    to your map now that I know about it.

    A suggestion for adding: The get_user and put_user functions
    (implemented by macros)

    Also, how does it work?

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    Seth Chaiken

    • makelinux Says:

      Thank you!

      Now copy_from_user represents functions copy_to_user, get_user and put_user. I’ll think about inclusion of functions get_user and put_user.

  4. paul tatum Says:

    This has probably already been pointed out to you, but if I may bring your attention to the fact that you have IDE and SATA being shown as block devices, but the user ‘side’ does not show keyboard, etc as character devices. Maybe character devices are so diverse that to show them here would be misleading. Excellent diagram, BTW.

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