Linux kernel poster customer feedback forum

August 1, 2008

Please leave your feedback on purchased Linux kernel poster

(no email required)


28 Responses to “Linux kernel poster customer feedback forum”

  1. Kyriakos Says:

    Cool poster, a motivation to start searching more about the linux kernel. Fast delivery and in perfect condition both.

  2. Great customer service !! The seller offered free replacement if unsatisfied,..and answers emails lightning fast. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

  3. Lawrence Says:

    This is soooooooooooo cool!
    If the poster was an iPad app, i would buy it!

  4. Sergio Says:

    Really amazing poster, high quality and fast shipping!

  5. AP Says:

    Lovely sysadmin-geek accessory. Thank you!

  6. Marc Says:

    Really Great Poster. I like it very much.
    And also a fast shipping.

  7. sara fink Says:

    The poster is excellent. Very informative. A must have for kernel developers and beginners. The poster quality is great. Improvements from latest version is the double click on the map to enter the source code. Also, directions (path).
    Thanks a lot for the great job.

  8. Fu-Yen Says:

    It is a nice poster. A great gift for my team colleague !!

  9. Volker Dormeyer Says:

    Just received the poster. It is very nice and useful. Besides this, it is printed on high quality paper. Thanks!

  10. Ian McEwen Says:

    Good poster! I’m not a kernel dev, so it’s purely decorative for me — from that standpoint some of the lines are a bit awkward (e.g. from “class” in “Device Model” to “net” in “network devices drivers” or to “tty” in “HI subsystems”), but the overall layout is great, and the colorscheme looks good! Other than awkward lines (through headers, across the board, et cetera), my only complaint is the placement of a copyright within the grid (at the intersection of “Human Interface” and “bridges”); I’d prefer it in a more conventional place like the bottom corner (or, not in the grid at all, since it’s duplicated at the bottom of the poster).

  11. Henning F. Says:

    Great poster, very useful 100% positive feedback.

  12. Arto Keiski Says:

    Fine quality, much information in very nice format. Highly recommended.

  13. Martin Says:

    The Poster is great, very useful.

  14. Matthew Perry Says:

    The poster is great! Very vibrant Colors……Works in an IT Dept Great!

  15. Vinc Says:

    great poster with a very good manufacture.
    quite useful for linux freaks and a very cool decoration!

  16. James Fletcher Says:

    does what it says on the tin, very useful for those blonde moments.

  17. Giorgio Says:

    the poster came in good condition and hangs usefully in my room, good reference!

  18. janis Says:

    Very useful source of information while working with Linux kernel and a nice wall decoration too!

  19. jms Says:

    Very nice, as expected !

  20. wes Says:

    Poster is high quality and it looks share in my cubical. I actual refer to it once in while. Thanks!

  21. skopii Says:

    poster is win. buy one!

  22. Stephan T. Says:

    Nice job – useful and decorative. Everyone working with Linux Kernel should get it!

  23. AshV Says:

    The poster arrived fine for me, and apart from the challange of printing it out (you need an A0 printer !), I am glad I purchased it. Its been a good reference guide too, for working out where development threads have come from, for UNIX variants.

  24. Jeff G. Says:

    The poster I received was in great condition. I gave it to my linux-obsessed friend for his birthday and he loved it!

  25. Jose Hernandez Says:

    I will recommend the product, thank you for the work put into the poster

  26. makelinux Says:

    eBay customers feedback forum: 100% positive feedback

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